Why Should I Draw to the Well?

Last year I found myself going through a lot of enteral turmoil, needing desperately to hear the Voice of the Lord. I felt as if I had become dull of hearing, and lacking understanding concerning my future. I was unable to dream. I found myself withdrawn from the Church, (though still in the church).
The Spirit of the Lord challenged me to submit to a suggested fast, which mandated for me to withdraw from television, social media, radio, everything electronic, He said to me, ”honor this fast and I will teach you to Love Yourself Again”. Feeling strongly compelled, I agreed though I didn’t realize I was not loving myself!
At the same time I was led to study St. John Chapter Four, and was reintroduced to The Woman at The Well, sereval things I begin to note about her, she was a woman haunted by her past, ashamed of her current status, and withdrawn from everyone around her.
Suddenly I began to identify with woman in a very unusal way, I saw myself in her, it was then I realized the necessity to Draw to the Well! I needed to have an encounter with Jesus.
While studying this woman and comparing myself closely with her, the Spirit of the Lord asked me the question, “do you know your value”? Somewhat dumbfounded, I had to admit, no, I had never thought on my value, He begin to remind me of the Parable of The Pearl of a Great Price, He began to liken me to That Pearl, He said Jesus had paid the ultimate price for me, that He valued me so much that He paid for me with His Life, He said to me that I was inestimable (incapable of being estimated or computed, to valuable or excellent to be measured or appreciated).
To know my past was to know that I never thought myself to be that Pearl. I had a thrist, a thrist to learn who I am to learn who Christ, and to learn my purpose in all of this.
I know I’m not alone there are others who also need to Draw to the Well, that may have an encounter with Christ, to learn who they are, to have that thrist relieve by the Water that only He can give.
I’m excited to sponsor this conference, I know it will be like none other. Each woman who Draws to the Well wil leave changed, valued, and their thrist will be quenched.
Meet me May 16th at 10:00 AM at the Xola Inn, Moreno Valley, Ca. 92553
Register to pay today! ($45.00) per person.

The woman said to Him, “Sir, give me this water, that I may not thirst, nor come here to draw.”

John 4:15

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